Funding sources for REALice

There is funding available for the REALice Technology across Canada

Please make sure to check with your local key account representative for gas and electricity and with your provincial government for any additional funding sources.


Funding sources for Alberta


2017 TAME+ Energy Audit Incentives 

Businesses and Not-for-Profits:
Non-Profit Energy Efficiency Transition (NEET) Program

Indigenous Communities:


For more information contact us or our energy audit partner in Alberta:
Ankush Jakhmola
3D Energy Ltd.
Direct # (780) 486 – 3181 ● Office # (780) 249 – 7210 Ext. 310


In addition: check out the 2016 Alberta Funding Guide


Funding Your Community Energy and Climate Change Initiatives – a guide to funding for Alberta local governments reviews sources of funding for Alberta municipalities involved in energy and climate change planning.

British Columbia

Funding sources for British Columbia

 Qualify for incentives with FortisBC’s rebates and offers for high-efficiency equipment.

FortisBC Commercial Natural Gas Customers: 

What you need to know:
– Minimum 1200 GJ combined energy savings (that is 3 ice sheets or more within your municipality)
– Need to do an energy study 
– Willing to implement REALice technology to meet the savings target of 1,200 GJ within 18 months

Here is a link to an article by FortisBC on their innovative pilot project for arenas reducing energy their consumption:


FortisBC Commercial Electric Customers: 

Funding is also available for FortisBC commercial electric customers – see an overview what you need to know.

Simply contact your FortisBC electricity technical advisor to find out more.



FortisBC conducted the large scale pilot with REALice in 2014 and had included the technology in their custom incentive program.

Also, check out the 2016 BC Funding Guide.



Funding Your Community Energy and Climate Change Initiatives is a guide to funding for BC local governments involved in energy planning and climate action.


Funding sources for Ontario

Municipal GHG Challenge Fund – a Grant program from the Province of Ontario to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and transition to a low-carbon economy. Find out more here.

If you are an Enbridge Gas customer:
Call Enbridge at 1-866-844-9994 or email them at for more information on their incentive offer.

If you are a Union Gas customer:
Contact your key account representative. Union gas offers incentives of 20¢ per m3 up to $40K and no more than total 50% of the project cost


Save on Energy program (Hydro):
Qualifying customers can earn incentives up to 10¢ per kWh save up to 50% of project cost. Important, project must be pre-approved prior to ordering the equipment.  Click here to learn more


Funding sources for Saskatchewan

Contact SaskPower and you might qualify for their new incentive program of $ 10,000 if combined energy retrofit can take off 15% of your baseline. REALice will be able to achieve this goal with projected 9%-13% reduction on the baseline alone.

Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, New Foundland,
Nunavut, Yukon, North West Territories,

Contact your local utility provider to see what they are offering in incentives when you make the switch to using unheated water for your ice resurfacing.

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