Optimal Ice Temperature

If you leave the ice temperature at 16°F (-8.88°C) and use cold water to resurface the ice, the water will freeze too fast.

Optimal Ice Temperature

Ice temperature is the one parameter that has the biggest effect on your energy consumption.

Every 1℃ you add to the ice temperature will save approximately 5% of your total energy consumption.

For any average ice-rink the optimum ice temperature is 26.6ºF or minus 3℃.

With REALice®, molecules in the water change allowing the water to crystallize easier thereby freezing, which gives you the option to increase the ice temperature by 1-2℃.

Working with REALice® you can raise the ice temperature from 16ºF (- 8.88°C) to 18ºF – 19ºF (- 7.77°C to -7.22°C) and then gradually work up to 23ºF (-5°C) or even 25°F (- 3.8°C) in small increments.



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