What is REALice®?

REALice® is an easy-install high precision water treatment device for ice arenas to remove micro-air bubbles from water that is used when laying and resurfacing the ice. This high precision de-aeration makes it possible to flood the ice with unheated water to create hard & resilient ice, lower utility costs and humidity in the arena.


The REALice® system is 100% maintenance free, no moving parts, no additional energy sources or systems are needed.


REALice® is in use in over 500 ice arenas worldwide, by NHL Winter Classics & eligible to receive rebates from various utilities across North America. E Source lists REALice® as one of its top 20 Technologies of 2015.


Insights into the REALice® Technology

Key Benefits

  • less draw on compressors & boilers
  • less dehumidifier run time,
  • less rust on structural beams
  • less ice cleans needed
  • less condensation in the arena
  • less water used, and wasted
  • longer amortisation on equipment


Estimated Return On Investment:

  • 2-3 years for a single pad
  • 1-2 years for a twin pad rink

Real Savings

Verified Natural Gas Reduction*0%
Average Electricity Reduction0%
  • Natural Gas Savings: +10,000m3
  • Electricity savings: + 50,000 kWh
  • Cost Savings: $1,000 – $1,200/month.

* FortisBC verified Natural Gas Savings

Great Ice Quality

REALice® treated water produces ice that’s hard and resilient.


Partner of: 

  • Swedish Hockey Federation
  • Finnish Hockey Federation
  • International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF)


REALice® is used by the NHL for all their outdoor games, Winter Classic, Heritage Classic and Stadium Series, since 2010.

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FortisBC Commercial Featuring REALice

Micro air bubbles are pulled into the extreme low-pressure zone expanding into larger air bubbles

Changing the shape of the lime scale crystals, softens the water

REALice® Impact worldwide to date


Arenas using REALice® worldwide


Minimum of tons of CO2 Emissions saved per Year


Cars taken off the road per year

REALice® has been verified by various utility companies across North America
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