Adjusting the Brine Temperature and the Snowball Test

07 Mar Adjusting the Brine Temperature and the Snowball Test

To find the best brine temperature settings for your rink we recommend doing the Snowball Test.  

Raise the brine temperature in small 1° F increments, observe the ice and try to form a proper snowball from dry shavings. If it falls apart right away your ice runs too cold.

Raise the brine temperature another degree and wait a few days to see how the ice reacts

Try to form a better snowball this time.

If the snowball falls apart once again the ice is still running too cold.

Raise your settings higher yet and find that the the water is freezing as it should, with no overlapping ridges forming between the lanes – a big indicator of the ice being too cold.

Now you should be able to form a perfect snowball.

Click here to view our whiteboard-animated snowball test  video


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