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03 May Calgary, AB – Trico Centre for Family Wellness, Saying hello to REALice and goodbye to hot water resurfacing

May 1, 2017 - Trico Centre for Family Wellness (Calgary, AB), a busy year-round multi-use recreation facility with twin NHL-sized ice rinks, has purchased and installed a REALice system to resurface their ice with unheated water. This community-owned non-profit takes pride in operating their facility...

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30 Jun FortisBC – Pilot Program – Results are in

FortisBC ran a pilot program with 10 ice arenas across British Columbia to investigate vortex mechanical de-aerator technology during the current ice season. Subject to the terms and conditions of a pilot agreement (the “Monitoring Access and Funding Agreement”), pilot participants have received rebates that cover...

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30 Jun FortisBC – Ice Rink Resurfacing Efficiency Pilot Program Measurement & Verification Results

Summary 90% of the pilot participants successfully adapted their operations to the REALice® technology. The achieved ice quality was evaluated from acceptable to excellent. FortisBC quantified the average savings across the participating pilot arenas at  330 GJ in Natural Gas per year Across the pilot arenas, an increase of the slab temperature was required at...

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