Author: Florian Gabriel

11 Sep Where does the air go?

At REALiceCanada we are often asked where does the air go? That can be a bit complicated. But, we thought we’d take a stab at explaining this in terms everyone will understand.  How it’s always been done: Ice has traditionally been made with hot water. Old school...

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24 Jan But what about the ice quality??? 

Great question! For owners and municipalities alike, quality ice is the product you're selling. Of course, ice quality itself is largely subjective -- we've heard of rinks where no one ever complains until the home team loses a big game! As a rule of thumb,...

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27 Dec REALice Canada’s 2017 in Review

Here are seven really EASY-TO-DIGEST nuggets highlighting 2017!   1. The FortisBC 30-second video 2. CBC News reports on REALice 3. Peterborough Examiner reports on REALice 4. Enbridge Gas Case Study on REALice at the George Bell Arena in Toronto 5. City of Brampton’s Energy Manager’s REALice presentation 6. Video testimonial from...

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08 Dec Snowball Test for Great Ice

What’s the best temperature to be running your ice at? People may also ask us about brine or glycol set point too. We know that indoor ice arenas are like living organisms, with temperatures that vary from rink to rink — and from pad to pad. That...

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06 Dec CBC News reports on REALice

CBC News highlights the City of Kamloops, BC who has already converted two of their arenas to cold water flooding using the REALice system and saving thousands of taxpayers dollars annually thus far. After finding success at the smaller community arenas, the City is ready to...

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