Author: Florian Gabriel

26 Oct HUGE Savings for FortisBC Customers

Calling all FortisBC commercial rate class natural gas customers and FortisBC commercial electric customers   By using REALice and saving over 1,200 gigaojoules of natural gas annually, your facility may be eligible for rebates covering 30% or more of your project costs. That’s like buying 3 REALice systems and getting...

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03 May Calgary, AB – Trico Centre for Family Wellness, Saying hello to REALice and goodbye to hot water resurfacing

May 1, 2017 - Trico Centre for Family Wellness (Calgary, AB), a busy year-round multi-use recreation facility with twin NHL-sized ice rinks, has purchased and installed a REALice system to resurface their ice with unheated water. This community-owned non-profit takes pride in operating their facility...

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