12 Aug Second REALice system for the City of Kelowna, BC

The City of Kelowna decided to equip their Memorial Arena with REALice and benefit from the 20K FortisBC rebate. Kelowna has already been using a system at their Rutland Arena serving two ice pads for several years with great success. The City  will be the 12th municipality in Canada repeatedly investing in REALice for their arenas...

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26 May FortisBC Rink de-aerator rebate

FortisBC now offers an incentive of $20,000 per REALice system* for their natural gas customers who install ice resurfacing technologies to eliminate the need for hot water when making ice.  FortisBC has just announced a generous new program.  This  new FortisBC incentive program means you could...

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22 May REALice Technical Brief

Get more insights on the REALice technology in our latest tech brief Here is our latest technical brief on REALice. This paper highlights the effects of Watreco’s vortex process technology on water, discusses air in water in the context of artificial ice making, touches on the sizes...

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30 Apr Making ice without cracks

Wade Yianakopolos is the operations manager at The Rinks at Exeter in Exeter, New Hampshire. When Wade and his team put in their REALice water treatment system at the beginning of December, 2018, the ice for the twin pads was already in. Following our best practices, they shaved...

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07 Mar Adjusting the Brine Temperature and the Snowball Test

To find the best brine temperature settings for your rink we recommend doing the Snowball Test.   Raise the brine temperature in small 1° F increments, observe the ice and try to form a proper snowball from dry shavings. If it falls apart right away your ice runs too cold. Raise the brine temperature another degree and...

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