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01 Mar Maclean’s online magazine features REALice®

Real Ice Canada was featured by @MacleansMag in a February piece by senior correspondent, Jonathon Gatehouse. "How Hockey Can Change its Energy-Hogging, Carbon Spewing Ways."  Click here to read the full article:       ...

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08 Jan District floats proposal to reduce greenhouse gases

‘We’re quite excited,’ facilities manager says of ‘carbon-neutral’ ideas for Brennan Park in Squamish, BC Three Brennan Park Recreation Centre projects proposed for the 2016 budget could help the district reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by almost 30 tonnes per year. All three projects relate to upgrading...

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17 Dec Breamar Arenas in Minnesota go green!

Braemar Arena in Edina, Minn., under the direction of Susie Miller, has become the first rink in Minnesota to install the new water treatment system REALice. Braemar installed the REALice system in September of 2014. Benefitting from the design of the arena, one system services two...

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16 Sep “Skating on Thin Ice”

Interview with Rachel Villari & Brock Harrison in the Edmonton live radio morning show 630CHED. Rachel talks about her article in the Hockey News Magazine from September 14th, 2015: "Skating on thin ice" Listen to Rachel talking about REALice®: [audio m4a=""][/audio] Access the full story. ...

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