Download Centre –  everything about REALice®

  • REALice at a Glance

    Everything about the REALice Technology in one PDF file.

  • Download Estimate Form

    Get a quote for your ice rink

  • REALice® Brochure

    Summarising the REALice® Technology on 4 pages.

  • Product Sheet

    Specifications, Warranty and Installation.

  • Instructions & Installation Tips

    Instructions how to get started with the REALice® System

  • Best practices to make the switch to REALice

    Recommended best practices to make the switch to REALice and measure the results

  • Best Practices

    Best Practices for the use of the REALice® System.

  • Vortex Process Overview

    Insight into the Watreco Vortex Process Technology

  • REALice System Assembly

    How to put REALice together - Base and Hand-held

  • Ice Assessment Guide

    Ice adjustment support

Studies and Reports on REALice®

  • FortisBC Pilot Program - Aggregated Results

    Summary of the FortisBC Measurement & Verification Pilot Program, including internal arena results.

  • FortisBC Large Scale Pilot

    FortisBC Ice Rink Resurfacing Efficiency Pilot official report

  • Southern California Edison Report

    Ice rink water treatment system assessment, by Southern California Edison, 2010.

  • Prevent Lime Scaling

    Through REALice® calcite is transformed into aragonite, which has a more rounded shape and does not attach itself to other limescale crystals, pipes or nozzles

Studies on Ice Quality

  • Ice hardness testing results

    Study results of the overall uniformity of ice strength using REALice®.

  • Ice Quality Comparison

    Investigation into ice crystals at Lulea University

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