Enbridge Gas Arena Customers: Three Weeks Left to Save BIG!

Enbridge Gas - Ice Resurfacing Incentive Offer

08 Jun Enbridge Gas Arena Customers: Three Weeks Left to Save BIG!

On June 30th, the 2017 Ice Resurfacing Incentive for Enbridge Gas customers ends. That means there are still 3 weeks left to get your application in!

The incentive of $5,000 per ice pad to a maximum of $15,000 per facility is for Enbridge Gas customers who plan to install cold water resurfacing technology in their ice arena before August 31st, 2017. If you’re thinking of purchasing REALice, the Enbridge Gas application form needs to be received by Enbridge Gas by June 30th, 2017.

REALice removes the micro air bubbles from the water that causes fragile ice. With no maintenance needed, no additional energy sources, filters, chemicals or membranes, It’s the the easiest way to reduce your facility’s energy spend, your compressors’ run time — and it will help you reduce your carbon emissions too.

Limited to the First 20 Pads

The Ice Resurfacing Incentive Offer is limited to 20 pads, so supply is limited. With the Enbridge Gas incentive, combined with rebates available through your hydro provider (SaveONEnergy) your end costs will be lowered significantly and your Return on Investment will be excellent. And the lowered consumption you’ll have will continue, year after year after year.

Cap & Trade, Global Adjustments, Carbon Tax

If your arenas’ energy spend is out of control and increasingly hard to budget for, REALice can make a difference. REALice-treated water freezes faster, so you need to run your ice temps warmer. That increase, usually between 3-6 degrees, is where the big savings come in, in electricity and in your compressors’ run time. Plug your numbers into the Savings Calculator on our website to see what resurfacing with REALice’s cold water resurfacing technology will mean to your arena.

Or send us an email or give us a call. REALice can make a big difference to your annual spend — and give you great quality ice too. And, for Enbridge Gas customers in Ontario, time is running out on getting rebates of $5,000 per pad (up to $15,000 per arena) — so act before June 30, 2017 to save BIG.

Not an Enbridge Gas Customer? No problem. Incentives may be available through your local gas utility. We can help you track that down — it’s a part of our service.

Budget closed or strapped for cash? REALice is available to rent. Ask us for details.


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