FortisBC Rink de-aerator rebate

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26 May FortisBC Rink de-aerator rebate

FortisBC now offers an incentive of $20,000 per REALice system* for their natural gas customers who install ice resurfacing technologies to eliminate the need for hot water when making ice. 

FortisBC has just announced a generous new program.  This  new FortisBC incentive program means you could save more than half off the purchase price of REALice. This 60% rebate will be deducted on the point of sale directly** on your purchase price, making the process simple.

Start the process: 

  1. * Check eligibility and conditions for the FortisBC  rink de-aerator program here
  2. Download our rink savings estimate form, fill in and send it back to us to get a free assessment of your savings potential and ROI when FortisBC rebate is applied.

To proceed directly:

Download the FortisBC application fill in and send it back signed to 


Call 1.888.549.9292 or email us directly .


** Point of sales rebate applies if the customer is eligible and installs the system within 15 business days after receiving the shipment.
SWiCH Services Inc is a Commercial Partner to FortisBC.


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