GDPR regulations

25 May GDPR regulations

You may notice a few changes to the Realice Canada web site right now. We want you to know that we take your privacy seriously and we always have. We have updated some of our policies this month to comply with GDPR regulations.
What did we do?
We recently updated our Privacy Policy to better serve you. 
We have made sure that Google Analytics deletes information after 2 years.
There are a few other things you may notice like a small popup advising you that this site uses cookies (as most sites do to improve your experience) 
And we are also following rules outlined for newsletters and mailing lists. 
So, if you already subscribe to our email list you will see an email this week asking you to subscribe again and confirm that you give us explicit consent to email occasionally. 
Rest assured we don’t email daily. 
We do send emails roughly every 2 weeks.
Policies like GDPR help us continue working toward trust and transparency with our customers. 

We hope you return and subscribe again and visit this site repeatedly to learn more about ways you can improve your arena ice and cut down on Greenhouse Gases. 
Thank you for reading, for making great ice and caring about the environment as much as we do.

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