HUGE Savings for FortisBC Customers

26 Oct HUGE Savings for FortisBC Customers

Calling all FortisBC commercial rate class natural gas customers

and FortisBC commercial electric customers


By using REALice and saving over 1,200 gigaojoules of natural gas annually, your facility may be eligible for rebates covering 30% or more of your project costs. That’s like buying 3 REALice systems and getting 1 for FREE!!

These savings are easily achievable for municipalities with REALice installations on at least three sheets of ice — at either one, or multiple facilities. You’ll join municipalities like Nanaimo and Kamloops, BC who have installed REALice’s cold water ice resurfacing technology, qualified for incentives, and proven their natural gas reduction.

For municipalities with multiple indoor ice arenas, achieving a savings of 1,200 gigaojoules of natural gas isn’t as hard as you might think. By removing the micro air bubbles from the water, REALice takes “heating” out of the resurfacing equation. The lowered energy consumption begins as soon as the installation has been made and will continue month after month, year after year, after year!

Do you have what it takes to qualify? Ask us. We’re happy to help.

What you need to know:

  • FortisBC commercial rate class natural gas customers are eligible;
  • Minimum 1,200 GJ combined energy savings;
  • Energy study verifying the proposed savings is required;
  • The technology must be implemented within an 18-month timeframe;
  • Incentives vary according to the energy savings potential and FortisBC’s assessment, and could cover up to 30% – or more – of the cost of REALice!

Here is a link to FortisBC’s article on their innovative pilot project for arenas reducing their energy consumption:

For more information contact us or get in touch with your FortisBC representative.

Are you a FortisBC electric customer?

FortisBC electric customers can also receive incentives and rebates for installing high-efficiency equipment, like REALice. Simply contact your FortisBC electricity technical advisor to find out more.


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