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What is the optimal ice thickness?


The thickness of the ice is one of the things that determines how much energy is consumed maintaining the ice.

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How to create an optimal environment?


Conditions to maintain the ice vary from rink to rink. Laying, taking care of, and maintaining ice is not the same thing in an “event arena” as it is in an “ice barn”.

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How to maintain the ice?


Ice quality can be affected by many parameters. If you want a good quality ice, you should not expose it to large temperature differences.

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What is an optimal humidity level in ice rink?


A high level of humidity provides a rugged surface with a lot of snow production when in contact with the sharp blades of a skate.

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What is the best ice temperature?


Ice temperature is the one parameter that has the most impact on your energy consumption.

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Energy usage ice arena?


Ice arenas are drawing a lot of energy. Get a closer look.

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