REALice vs. Hot Water

REALice vs. Hot Water

Here at REALice Canada, we are often asked, how does REALice compare to using hot water?  That is a good question and we thought it’s best answered with a comparison chart – see above.

REALice enables you to make great ice at much lower temperatures and the quality of ice produced is equal to using hot water or even better. Some famous users even prefer the ice made with REALice. Find out more from this interview from the Mayor’s Megawatt Challenge webinar.

Less maintenance

REALice reduces maintenance on the ice. Watch Cam Coulter from the Mayfield Recreation Centre talk about saving time maintaining his ice.

Reduced Compressor Run-times

Because of the changed properties in the water, the brine/glycol settings have to be reset by 3°F – 5°F and this results in less compressor run time. See Michael Knight from the Sardis Sports Complex talking about reduced run-time by 5000 hours per year.

Natural Gas Savings

Using water at much lower temperatures saves natural gas. FortisBC verified REALice through a large scale pilot and assessed that on average 330 GJ or 8,709 m3 of natural gas can be avoided. That’s a reduction of 79%!

Electricity Savings

The Town of Caledon, ON performed an M&V on their REALice installation and assessed that 84,188 kWh of electricity was saved. See Cristina Guido, the Acting Manager of Energy for the Town of Caledon talk about her findings.

Reduced Greenhouse Gases

With reduced natural gas and electric consumption, there are CO2 savings. Depending on the Province and Territory and the source of electricity the reduction per sheet per year ranges from 18 – 50t.

Funding Sources

REALice qualifies for incentives from various utilities and funding programs.

More Success stories

Watch the replay of the Mayors Megawatt Challenge Webinar featuring 6 Arena operators and their experience with REALice.

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