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20 Nov 5 ways to support your team while making the switch

Getting everybody on board with change is challenging. Here are 5 ways to support your team while making the switch to REALice: 1.)  Install a mixing valve. This allows for occasional tempered water and people will be reassured that warmer water is available if ever needed. 2.) Encourage ice techs to talk to peers who have...

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12 Apr Why You Should Consider Installing REALice!

Why should you consider going to REALice's cold water resurfacing technology? Great question! We've thought about it and are happy to tell you our easy-to-understand Top 5 Reasons to consider REALice: 1. Make better ice -- REALice lets you make clear, strong and resilient ice. REALice drains the micro...

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08 Dec Snowball Test for Great Ice

What’s the best temperature to be running your ice at? People may also ask us about brine or glycol set point too. We know that indoor ice arenas are like living organisms, with temperatures that vary from rink to rink — and from pad to pad. That...

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