The Turbocharger at the Heart of the Rink

The Turbocharger at the Heart of the Rink

In hockey, everyone has a nickname — so we think it’s rather cool that some arena operations folks have come up with nicknames for their REALice wall unit, like the one you see pictured above.

We’ve heard it called “The Black Pearl” and the “Black Diamond”, perhaps because of its precious energy-saving capabilities.

But the nickname we’re most proud of is “The Turbocharger” or “The Turbo” for short. Arena Operators call it that because it helps their arena perform better.

And the operations teams would never give it a nickname with such an endearing term if it didn’t help them do #JobOne better: make great ice.

Which it does, through a high precision hydro dynamics process, which separates micro air bubbles from the resurfacing water  – day in and day out. 

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When you no longer heat up a hundred gallons of water (or more) to 140F or higher each time you resurface your ice, you’re going to save money.

Less obvious, but with a tremendous impact on the facility’s annual energy spending, is the lowered electrical consumption that REALice delivers.

Because the water you’re putting on the ice is colder than what you used to use, your refrigeration plant will work less to take less heat off the ice.

And, with fewer micro air bubbles in the water than in the heated water you used to use, once the REALice-treated water hits the ice surface, it will freeze faster.

To avoid brittle ice, you’ll need to reset your brine temperature higher (or increase the set-point temperature) — and this is where the HUGE electricity savings are.

Using REALice-treated cold water has other benefits for your facility too – like lowered humidity levels and lower run times on your compressors.


It’s time to switch to REALice’s cold water resurfacing technology. With high energy costs — and incentives available from many provinces — changing from hot to cold water ice resurfacing has never made more sense.

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REALice is maintenance free, with no moving parts, using the water pressure at your arena to do what it does so well: removing the “hot” from “hot water flood”.

It will also make a huge dent in your municipalities C02 emissions: a single year-round slab can benefit from annual Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reductions of around 25t or more depending on the province or territory. 

To find out what REALice would mean to your facility load and fill-in our form to get a free rink savings estimate.


REALice vs. Hot Water