Time to Prepare for the Future

Time to Prepare for the Future

With ice arenas closed and many year-round facilities have taken their ice out. It’s time to think about the future.

Planning now for the next season means your arena will be ready to make your ice with REALice-treated water once it’s time to put the ice back in. The ice will be clear, dense and durable.

And using REALice means lower costs for your facility. REALice will also make an ongoing difference in the CO2 emissions your facility is responsible for creating.

A Great Example

Take a look at the results from the Town of Caledon’s Mayfield Recreation Complex.

This seasonal arena significantly reduced its energy spend and lowered its CO2 emissions with ice their user groups love. REALice will work just as well at your arena.

Arenas can no longer afford to heat their floodwater. With electric reductions of at least 10% and natural gas reductions of 79% or more, now is the time for REALice save energy and make great ice.

REALice is technology for a sustainable future

It is 3-D printed, maintenance-free and uses water pressure to treat the water, acting like hot water but without the expense of heating. Natural gas and electricity are saved and CO2 emissions avoided.

With REALice there are no other consumables needed like chemicals, filters or membranes and there are no additional power requirements unless the static water pressure is lower than 43 PSI.


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