User Survey

As the team of ice makers working with REALice® grows, we would like to share the findings from our recent survey with arena operators with you.

How would you rate your ice quality?


What are your approximate natural gas or oil savings with REALice®?


40% of the users say savings are 75% and higher


60% of the users say savings are between 50% and 75%

What are your approximate electricity savings with REALice®?

5% to 8%0%
9% to 12%0%
13% to 15%0%
greater than 15%0%

How do you measure your savings with REALice®?

Comparing current to previous utility bills - monitoring the kWh/GJ/therm/m^3 of natural usage/oil usage0%
Monitoring compressor loads and running time and comparing with previous logs0%
Installed separate sub meters on compressors and logging the run time and kWh usage0%
Calculate savings with temperature difference for resurfacing water & increase temperature in brine0%
Other calculations0%

In addition to utility cost savings, what effects have you noticed in the arena since REALice® was implemented?

Less draw on compressors and boilers0%
Less dehumidifier run time0%
Less rust on structural beams0%
Less ice cleans needed0%
Less condensation in the arena0%
Less water used and wasted0%
Less lime scale build up0%
More hot water for showers available 0%

REALice® helps to save thousands of dollars per year in utility costs, how do you plan to reinvest in other initiatives with the money saved in your arena?


Infrastructure upgrades


Expand on recreation programming

Are you considering installing more REALice® systems in other arenas?

Yes, looking at financing options0%
Yes, scheduled for next budget round0%
Yes, and still evaluating the technology/savings0%
Considering, plus, I would recommend REALice® to other ice techs0%
No, no more systems needed0%

What measures do you take to ensure best practices using the REALice® system?

Display REALice® best practices poster0%
Periodic staff updates on REALice® usage0%
Remove knob for the hot water valve0%
Remove any hoses that would allow by-passing the system0%
Seal off existing outlets that by-pass the system0%
Allowing enough time to resurface the ice (8-10min NHL rink, 10-12 min Olympic rink)0%
Use hand held device to perform maintenance and repairs0%
Use tempered water for the wash water 0%
If needed, add tempered water to resurfacing water0%
Ensure that the blade is sharp0%
Shave the ice with each flood in addition to collecting snow0%

How can we from REALice® Canada further engage with arena staff?

Expand the ice academy on the website0%
Run a webminar for ice makers to exchange know-how and ideas0%
Build a network of ice makers0%
Learn about how others maximize their savings with REALice®0%

REALice vs. Hot Water