Where do the air bubbles go?

Where does the air go

30 Oct Where do the air bubbles go?

It’s one of the most frequent questions we get asked. Where do the air bubbles go? 

We could give you a big scientific explanation. But instead we thought we’d show you in this easy-to-understand whiteboard video.

Here are the basics: 

The REALice system is powered by water pressure only and spins the water like a tornado to remove the air bubbles.

The un-dissolved micro air bubbles in the water are pulled into the extreme low-pressure zone that is created by the forces inside the REALice system.

This low pressure causes the air bubbles to expand, gather into larger air bubbles and escape into the atmosphere through the resurfacing machine’s fill hole because air is lighter than water.

Click here to view our whiteboard-animated video


Ice has traditionally been made with hot water. Ice-makers use extremely hot water often reaching 160 degrees Fahrenheit to fill their ice re-surfacers. That’s costly and bad for the environment.

REALice is a really smart piece of equipment, which is easily added to a rink’s piping system. It’s a brilliant example of precision fluid dynamics, which requires no chemicals, filters or maintenance. REALice has no moving parts and is powered by water pressure alone.


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